Weekly Update – Start of June

Hi everyone! This week has been pretty productive for me which is awesome! This has been my most productive week since starting my work time s/sheet. It’s still under 20 hours lol but I’m pretty proud of it.

tf2 4

At the start of this week I spent an hour and a half doing the LearnUnity tutorials, working in the 2D Game Kit. It’s a really cool exercise in learning and applying game design principles.

learn unity 2d game kit tutorial

Here’s a screencap of the level I built 😀

2D Game Kit_ Level I Built.JPG

I have been doing drawabox.com’s 250 box challenge. So far I have drawn 94/250 of the boxes it’s been a great experience so far. The 0.5mm fineline markers I bought from Officeworks are actually really awesome! They are lasting so much longer than I thought they would and they aren’t making me cringe like nails on chalkboard either. They have been great to draw with.

250 box challenge progress.jpg

This week-ish I have started doing Pose A Day again, each day I have spent 0.5-1hours finding a pose, drawing it and experimenting with it by drawing thumbnail variations. Observe and draw +also note down certain important relationships in the body. Obvious stuff like, spine line of action, hip angle, shoulder angle, the twist in the torso, head position/angle, etc. After I have a quick page of notes and doodles I open up Maya and reference AM’s Stewart rig. Using the Stewart rig I create the most appealing (ideally) version of the pose I was just thumbnailing.

So everyday I have been trying to at least a 0.5 hour Pose A Day, spend 0.5-1 hours working on 250 Box Challenge, and 0.5-1 hours reading Disney’s Illusion of Life. Then try to work on the more the long term projects or tutorials after (that really didn’t happen too much though).

illusion of life.jpg

I think I wrote about it in my previous blog post, I have been planning an animation in Pencil2D where a character wackily walks up to a box and tries to pick it up. I posed the gif of what I had done so far onto my Twitter and the official Twitter account for Pencil2D responded and gave me useful feedback! :DD IT WAS SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE

pencil 2D twitter feedback

So just tonight I addressed pencil2D’s critique applying it to my work. See the new result below! I’d love to hear what you think about it?


Finally, today I did a little half an hour unfinished doodle in my sketchbook.

untitled doodle #01

I still need to work on my box anim more, and do it in Maya. Still need to work on my trippy doodle, junkyard animation, vanilla walk cycle animation, I need to model my PC character for my game project, I need to finish up all the LearnUnity tutes with the 2D & 3D game kits. I need to checkout Spline2D and do those tutorials, I need to revisit Proko’s figure drawing course & then begin ‘The Bean’ part of the course. I reconnected with someone I met when I was doing AM’s Class 1 and they are doing well and we still get along, maybe even better than before 🙂 She told me that she still keeps in touch with her old AM Mentors. The mentor we shared in class 1 was so nice and awesome and she let me know I could send him stuff and get feedback. So I think I should revisit a lot of the 3D animations I gave up, apply/do what I can. Then, send it to my old mentor to see if they can give me feedback. Also, I need to make more animation-related connections online to get more feedback, get good networking, and most importantly make lifelong frends perhaps.

Hope anyone reading this has had an awesome week! I hope your next week is awesome! I should be writing up another bloggy posty in about a week. Love you all.

sunny meme frank 2.jpg

Blog Update! New look! New Animations! + Life Update! :DDD

I have changed the look of my blog a little bit, just a small update to my profile pics and header image, slight change to title and subtitle of my blog but it’s all basically still the same.

It’s been awhile since I have blogged! Wow. I started using my Wacom a lot more with Pencil2D. It’s such a fun 2D animation program! I’m finding just going straight ahead with an idea or doodle to be really enjoyable.

I have been meaning to animate a walk up to a box and then trying to pick up the box and failing, a body mechanics exercise with some walking at the start. This is definitely matching my current level of skills in 3D animation. The class I just failed before dropping out of AM was class 2 body mechanics. I really want to finish at the very least one pretty involved body mechanics exercise. I want it to look good! So far I am pretty happy with what I have. Timing is boring but I have just been working on the poses and flow of poses.

Here’s a gif of what I’ve currently got. box-exercise_thumbnails
Again, I really like what I’ve got here. i wanted a kind of wacky limb flailing kind of walk leading to the box and then a weird flailing squat down to pick the box up. I think the timing needs to be worked on quite a bit.

I am also thinking it might be good to have a normal vanilla-ish walk going away from the box. Then the box actually falls into position. There’s a beat where the character hears the box land, stops, turns to look at it. Which is where my gif starts. Looking at box, approaches it kind of wackily. Then tries to pick it up, it’s too heavy to lift. He tries and tries and suddenly it’s as if the box decided to no longer be heavy it launches up with great force. The character, not expecting this sudden change reels back with nothing to counter-weigh his force he starts hopping and flailing back with 1 leg in the air until his final leg slips and he falls. That’s when the box falls back into frame and crashes onto our Character’s gut, giving him a rude awakening before slumping back down to his lying position, defeated.

The plan right now is to refer to Animator’s Survival Kit & Illusion of Life’s segments on walk cycles. Apply some of that timing to what I have here. Make the ending happen faster (the box falling). Once I’ve got a good idea on the timing, poses, arcs, I’ll head into MAYA and start putting this together with the Stewart rig.

I have also just started doodling in pencil 2d, here’s a trippy gif I’ve been working on. The idea behind this is the hypnotic trippy colorful repeating gifs that play with music at clubs and on youtube videos and stuff.


Obviously it’s not done and I’m just kind of messing around. I want the ball in the middle to distort and eventually explode spraying out technicolor where it does. I’m finding it hard to animate it how I imagine it. Right now my plan is to look up slowmotion water balloons exploding, and also look up lava/goo bubbling animations and how they bubble up and explode I think that could look really cool!

I have also been learning Unity in my spare time. I did a couple of tutorials earlier this week, learning pretty basic stuff  but now that I have done that It’s more moving into tutorials on the 2D and then 3D game kits. My hope is that by learning that stuff I’ll become really comfortable working in Unity. I want to be able to code/game dev for my friends so that we can actually make games, as our bottleneck is the fact that none of us know coding or how to make a game using an engine.

Other than that I have been having a lot of fun! Going down to Brisbane for Maxx’s birthday week was such an awesome holiday. I love my friends so much they are so nice omg. I also bought a bunch of new clothes recently and feel super fly + swag + lit. I’ve been playing exclusively Nina in TEKKEN for a few weeks and I am getting better :D. Trent’s Julia is still ridiculous though omg fml. My Life Management spreadsheet has been going super well! It’s awesome seeing the progress you make. I played D&D with the boys and it was a really good catch-up. I find it easy to just start thinking my Cairns friends believe in fucked up rightwing shit but they are nice people for the most part, need to remind myself of this sometimes.

I’ve seen heaps of movies recently! Watched Pokemon! Detective Pikachu the day it came out with Brisbane friends, it was fucking sick lol! Also saw Avengers End Game which surprisingly I actually really liked! Saw Brightburn which was cool but I felt a bit lacking, It’s too small of a story and the Brightburn kid is kind of a weird character that doesn’t make heaps of sense? I wish the evil turn made more sense or felt more motivated? If he wants to be a good kid but is weirdly possessed by spaceship messages then show that struggle? He just does the most evil shit the whole time then at the end says ‘i wanna be good’ tearfully but it’s like ‘no you don’t lol?’. Anyway, it could have been waay cooler in my opinion. Then I saw Godzilla on the day it came out, and I thought it was pretty awesome 😀 Now I did eat an entire bag of Maltesers in the previews and then after that micro-slept through every 2nd minute of the movie but I thought it was good! lol!

New Blog Post

Well I’ve gotten poo at writing these consistently over just a couple of weeks so that is cool. I am still here lol. I fucked my right hand up righteously coming back from work on Tuesday. Actually managed to close my car door AROUND my thumb. It’s bruised as fuck now and only semi-useable for the timebeing. I went home from work early that day. Then got the next day off and just slept through half of it. Good thing it’s a long weekend so I have some time to recover before going back to work on Tuesday.  ouchy.jpg

In other news it SEEMS like I have got my new THICC large intuos pro tablet working, it feels pretty good so far. I  have finally got around to reading The Animator’s Survival Kit and I am committed to reading the whole thing probably multiple times. I also need to actually finish the Illusion of Life as well. Though, from what I have heard the consensus seems to be that the Survival Kit is better or more useful.

I also made a spreadsheet thingo to give myself a weekly goal of 40 hours a week on any of the following subjects, Drawing, Modelling, Animation, Acting and Game Dev.

productivity tracker.JPG

Still haven’t done very much lol, I guess my thumb being wrecked is a good excuse. However I was able to do a small bit of doodling on my wacom with my right hand. It’s also probably a good time to read more Animator’s Survival Kit and Directing the Story, and Illusion of Life.

directing the story.JPG

Dan the game animator who does Extra Frame made a video recently on becoming a game animator. He recommending this book named Game Anim and I think I am going to get it. Apparently it’s good for computer game animation which is what I wants to do.

game anim book.JPG

Ooh I know I shouldn’t have but today I spent the first half of it playing Katana Zero. Which is a real fun new game. It’s doing a lot of stuff I like. I think I have almost beaten it, but their might be other dialogue options I could do, not sure if they would lead to different choices but it might be worth a replay. I love games that are difficult/require twitch reflexes when they compliment that with an aesthetic that captures the feeling of living on a swords edge one mistake and you die. I get the same feeling with Hotline & Sekiro, especially it’s deflecting system. You can do the same thing easily with other stuff that suits. I got enjoyment from RDR2’s head shots which would for the most part one shot enemies and even the player.

katana zero.JPG

That’s it for this week. For me I guess it’s back to reading and maybe some drawing, we shall see.


Late Weekly Update!

I’m posting rather late this week. I’ve memorised my monologue and worked on it a bit  but not enough. I really haven’t broken down the beats,  or grasped and really felt my character, practiced all the different parts of my monologue with varying emphasis and emotional tones. I guess I’m learning and giving it a go though. I chickened out of class last week. Hopefully I go to this one, there is only 1 or 2 weeks left until the last week of term 1 and we’ll have to audition our monologue and I’m super duper nervous.

In terms of animation I’m struggling with progressing through. I did export out lots of clips and key pose sequences of reference I did for a game character. So tonight I have spent the last hour drawing over those key poses and simplifying them down. I’m hoping to start blocking out this idle in MAYA soon. I still haven’t really progressed further on my vanilla walk or law’s junk yard. The vanilla walk is in very early auto key stages. Law’s junk yard is in pretty early blocking, I think I need to work out the timing of it as the next sort of task.

I did the Brackey’s endless runner first game tutorial again just to hopefully solidify a lot of the process in my mind. Coming from MAYA and 3dsMAX I’m used to navigating these 3d programs and the movement, rotate, scale hotkeys are always pretty similar and navigating the viewport is the same in most cases. It’s more understanding the coding side of things and just how to properly implement and do things in engine. Know which boxes to tick and which to untick.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get much drawing done or work on my group projects but I did so some fun stuff on the weekend. I shouldn’t feel guilty for having fun sometimes dammit!
I started reading the original old manga Baki The Grappler and I really love the art style, it’s rad. I have only read 2 chapters so I know nothing but it seems cool.
I started watching High Score Girl and that’s a real sweet boy animoo. Would recommend, very cosy comfy cute time.
Still need to finish Dark Knight Returns, I really want to read my new Spiderverse Art Book, and I really want to read this book named Directing the Story, it’s about animation, and story boarding and crafting a story.
I played a little bit of TEKKEN and I think I am getting better at defense which is awesome, really kind of proud of myself. Practicing KBR in matches with friends more too and sometimes I make them whiff so that’s also very satisfying.
Bought and started playing Sekiro last weekend and that is loads of fun. Incredibly rewarding game and the combat ‘game-feel’ is really awesome. I love the posture system and how enemy health works as well.


Love you all, thanks for reading my rambly poorly written blog!
(I was going to add pictures to this post to make it actually nice but it’s half past midnight right now, maybe I’ll add them in later..)

Animation, my first game, acting class & frend projects!

So this week I worked on a bit of stuff, maybe not as much as I would like but what are you going to do, this week was kind of weird for me personally and also globally with the tragic news from Christchurch.

I may as well start by listing the stuff I did this week. I worked a little bit on my vanilla walk cycle again, completed the keyposes in MAYA for Law’s Junkyard animation, I read some more Dark Knight Returns, played TEKKEN, did some more thinking about plant dad game saved a lot of reference images and put it in a shared google drive. Oh! yeah :S I realised this week that there is only 3 weeks left of this terms theatre class and I still don’t know my monologue D: I seriously need to start practicing it and exploring my options and memorising the lines.. I STILL HAVENT FINISHED READING THE WHOLE PLAY OMG. Anyway enough of that existential actor meme.

This is the most recent playblast of the vanilla walk I have been working on. I turned it into autokey recently so it’s moving on every frame now. I have tried to smooth out a lot of it, deleted a lot of unecessary keyframes which were janking up the flow.
One example of frames I deleted to smooth up the animation was selecting the characters main controller, open graph editor, select it’s translate forward in space axis, and delete all keys in the middle making it a straight diagonal line. consistent forward movement speed. This immediately improves your imagination and can give you a bit of an idea of how deleting some of your keys on some axis’ in some areas can help smooth things up. Keep it feeling loosey goosey with less janky stiff motion.
There is still plenty of jank mind you. I find this part of the process really hard to figure out and am considering shelving this walk cycle for the timebeing and focusing my energy into other animations and projects.

Now I’d like to talk a little bit about my newest animation project/exercise! Law’s junkyard move from the TEKKEN series! I spoke about this a little bit last week and I found it so fun Ive kept the momentum into this week. I finished all the key poses for Law’s junkyard I pretty much built them straight ahead method just using the game footage and my planning as reference and editing them as I go back and forth between frames. I haven’t thought at all about the timing yet other than trying to replicate the game, I was really just focusing on the posing and how one key pose went in to the next. I don’t want any poses to have a ‘how the hell did he get there from there’ feel. It should be relatively clear how each pose leads to the next. I think for the main junkyard poses I have done a good job. The trickiest part so far is the idle animation Law does at the start and end of the string.


Next I’d like to touch on the little cute plant game my friends and I want to make. We are still really just kind of thinking about stuff and conceptualizing our ideas, drawing little doodles and concepts down.
I keep wondering what the game’s main view should be. What should be the main screen you see most of the time, obviously it should have your plants there so you can see them grow. There is thousands of ways to represent that though. I kept thinking it would be cool to have a camera at around human sitting height looking at/a little bit down on an area. Like a office desk, or a zen sand garden, a modern garden with lots of glass pots and wire stands, a kitchey grandmas garden, etc. I thought about how in the game Hearthstone there are different styled ‘game boards’. Our project could have different styled gardens, and each different garden could have a different composition of pots and plants meaning they all look different and can be customized somewhat differently, even if it is just a slightly different position or plant or pot.

plant dad game.png

As previously mentioned in last week’s blog post I wanted to do my first unity tutorial that Sunday and I did do that! :DDDDD I made my first game ever! It was just a super basic endless runner, and I broke it at the end and can’t get it to work but I swear it did work before! This must be the frustrating  wonders of being a game designer/programmer on the smallest most baby-tier scale. Even though I was just following what Brackeys did to the letter I found it very fun. Hopefully I will get a grip on the coding stuff to the point I can just build prototypes for projects with frends and personal games/interactive showreel stuff. I asked a friend who’s currently studying Computer Science if just following tutorials code without sort of learning what the functions mean and do is OKAY and USEFUL. He explained that one of the best ways to learn code is see it working in action! Also, Brackeys does explain the functions as he goes over them but I haven’t really retained that knowledge. With time hopefully that will not be the case!

That’s pretty much it from me this week, I did a couple of drawing exercises but really not enough, I really need to practice my drawing more. I did however play a bit of TEKKEN 7, Marduk is so fun, he might be best boy. It feels like I’m betraying Law & Steve-u sometimes LOL!

I read a bit more of The Dark Knight Returns, it’s kind of weird and kind of cool, I’m not that far into it yet. Someone at work told me a lot about Frank Miller and his mental state before I started reading this and I can see it strongly reflected in this book. I like it but I’m not sure if I like it more than Year One or Long Halloween & Dark Victory. It’s still awesome though, Eduardo Risso’s art is fantastic, it’s got this old school style, reminds me of Watchmen sort of too.

If you read this far thanks that’s pretty cool of you. I hope you have a good day/night, here’s a song I’ve been enjoying this week, maybe you will enjoy it too.

I’m gonna go eat some midnight coco-pops now.

Weekly Art Blog Initiate! – LET’S GO

So I’m back posting on this blog. More so just to archive and catalogue my progress, talk about what I have done this week, what I think of it, what I’m working on next week, have some progress pics and maybe I’ll post random stuff too.

This year I started attending acting classes, this term is about auditioning for a monologue. I think I have decided on Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neil. Edmund’s monologue about becoming kind of nothing and one with everything in the moment really spoke to me. I can relate to to that feeling on multiple levels, feeling like an alien in society, becoming  one with your surroundings, and it has a nautical old timey ship sailing vibe which I can get down with. Today I am going to read the play and practice my monologue, I really need to start learning it as I have not done that yet and I’m in week 5 :S


I have a Vanilla Walk Cycle I have been working on but I haven’t touched it this week, I’m hoping to make progress there, It’s  in autokey now so the work is getting meticulous and I’ve been sitting on this walk cycle for so long. It’s not as fun to work on right now lol! I think I really need to get stuck into the minutia and track my arcs and smooth it all out.


This week I started working on another 3D animation. I love TEKKEN 7 and I play Law so I decided to animate his beloved junkyard string :D. So far I recorded some gameplay of junkyard, right and left side. After that I edited the footage in keyframe plus, trying to pick out key poses or frames, I wanted to capture Law’s idle animation because it’s very bouncy and cool. I think I went a bit too far at first and I had waay too many key poses. I started to draw over the key poses in keyframe with a simple stick figure, just to simpify it down and understand the pose. Using my mouse to draw lol (wacom broke) so it’s super time consuming, and picking too many frames out also was super time consuming. ANywaaays I finished that, I scrubbed through the footage again, and picked out specific actual key poses and rendered that out as well. Using the new drawn over keyposes as reference I started to build out the poses on AM’s Stewart in MAYA2015. So far I’ve managed to do about 5 or 6 keys of junkyard so far, haven’t started on the idle part really. I’m learning a lot, from this exercise and it’s easier to work on than the vanilla walk because it’s something that I really like and is exciting.


Last week I shot a bunch of footage of; Idle, walk, jog, run, jump, running jump actions. For this one I’m not sure if I want to make all of these animations singular, like a video game character or if I should plan a little obstacle course where it goes from idle standing, walking, jogging running up to a gap and then leaping over it, and landing with a jog to roll off the momentum and settle back down to an idle. Potentially I could  just work on the obstacle course animation and then export out the singular animations for video game character use if I wanted to? I think that’s do-able lol.

Today I am hoping on doing the Brackey’s tutorial for making your first game. A couple of my old uni friends want to start making cute little game projects together and I am HYPE. None of us know any programmer meme shit tho. So that’s why I really want to kick myself up the butt and start that tutorial, start learning unity/game programming.

That’s pretty much everything for the timebeing. This is jojo signing off lol.

Binary Flux Graphic Novel WIP

Binary Flux Cover Art Final


COLOURING Binary Flux Page 1


COLOURING Binary Flux Page 2


COLOURING Binary Flux page 3




Binary Flux layout - Page 5


Binary Flux layout - Page 6


Binary Flux layout - Page 7

Project Description
Graphic novel inspired by transhumanism, sci-fi philosophy literature, noir film, and cyberpunk. Alan Moore’s colouring style and graphic novel layout from his work on The Watchmen strongly inspired our panel layouts and colour design favouring a symmetrical even 9 panel layout, broken up by unique panels to draw the audience’s point of view and his preference for the secondary colour scheme, meaning when the primary colours are used it’s very dramatic and again they draw the audience’s eye. We also wanted to capture the black and white high contrast monochromatic style in noir, colourized with a tone of purple to pink, inspired by the neon future, neo-noir aesthetics found in Bladerunner, Neuromancer, Deus Ex and the general settings and themes of neo-noir and cyberpunk.

General leader, Story, Script & Layout design, Researcher – Jo Laidlow
Line Artist & Colouring, Character Design Refining, Researcher – Lachlan Murray
Cover Artist, Colouring, Character Designs, Researcher – Joseph Donovan

Inspiration Reference

Cyberculture & Transhumanism Works
The Ghost in the Machine – Arthur Koestler
Neuromancer – William Gibson
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – Philip K. Dick.
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream – Harlan Ellison
Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
Nineteen Eighty-Four – George Orwell
The Diamond Age – Neal Stephenson
Altered Carbon – Richard K. Morgan
Blade Runner – Ridley Scott
Classic Noir:
The Big Sleep – Howard Hawks
Modern day robots – Our perception and relationship: http://www.forbes.com/sites/patricklin/2016/02/01/relationships-with-robots-good-or-bad-for-humans/#14b27432291e

Graphic Novel Inspiration Reference

Watchmen – Alan Moore
V for Vendetta – Alan Moore
Batman: The Killing Joke – Alan Moore

Target Audience and Itch.io Links

Who I want to play my game

Age  18 – 24


Western audiences

Fans of experimental indie games, internet culture, anti-humour, PC gaming and meta jokes.

Who would be able to play my game

Physically players would have to be able to operate a mouse with one hand, and press buttons on a keyboard with the other, whilst looking at a screen and listening to speakers or headphones. In terms of knowledge/awareness players who don’t dip their toes into the indie scene too often might not know of the game and therefore be unable to play it. Ideally players who have a familiarity with game concepts like first person controls and players who consume a lot of the indie scene and know about and go to Itch.Io to check out experimental games would be able to play my game. In terms of Platform, console, mobile and handheld audiences would not be able to play my game as it’s being made for PC Windows 7 and up.

Who might not want to play your game? Why?

Audiences who don’t like experimental indie games and expect a traditional or big budget experience when they think of games would not want to play my game. Experimental indie games that don’t qualify as ‘traditional’ video games seem to cause controversy and are very polarizing. There is a certain viewpoint that believes these kind of experimental games like Mountain, twine games and more aren’t worthy of being called a ‘game’ and somehow insult the medium. I believe this is the reason certain audiences may not want to play my game.


Itch.Io Links I Think Look Gewd

itchio 5
– Consistent theme
– Simple and effective layout
– Gif showing gameplay
– Short description of game, context of game, preferred controls, then credits

itchio 6
– Very effective header image and consistent tone throughou, communicates game feel and aesthetic very well.
– Flavour text/pitch description of game accompanied with unique features list.

itchio 1
– Extremely strong design, aesthetically pleasing and inviting visuals, black background to make the beautiful artwork and composition pop.
– Very small amount of text, brief description/pitch of the players role in the game.


Reading & Responding

Death Throes of the Male Gamer

The relationship between games press and games publishers is one that is mutually beneficial possibly to it’s own detriment. However Games are a product and the games industry is a business. Games press and publishers have co-existed for years, since the 1980’s and this mutually beneficial relationship is not news really. Games publishers need people to buy their game so they pay the press. The press need money to keep making media so publishers pay them.

I feel like there is a negative stigma attached to the word, I also think it’s just a cringy-sounding term. Saying you are a gamer not only brings up all those negative aspects of the gaming community but also kind of limits how people will perceive you, the individual. I myself probably by all definitions am a ‘gamer’ and am part of the core white male audience but I pretty much never refer to myself as a ‘gamer’. The term essentially has no inherently positive aspects, I can’t think of any part of the hardcore ‘gamer’ basement living, socially isolated, Doritos and mountain dew stereotype/identity that carries anything positive with it. So why would anyone ever refer to themself as a gamer when they can just be a normal person with no stereotype attached to them that happens to love video games?

Side Note: I went way too deep into the comments section

It’s Time to Talk about Labor in the Games Industry

In terms of raw numbers and work conditions relating to my expectations, I’m not really surprised, a lot of this is in line with what I thought the industry would be like. This doesn’t really change the way I see AAA game developers, I know it’s bad but I’m a bit of an optimist and articles like these give me hope for better working conditions and pay for everyone in the industry. Also when I consider my own situation which is, I don’t think I am of the skill to work in AAA and also am not currently being paid to do the things I’ve learnt in this course. If some massive famous company like Rockstar was all ‘hey Joey I like your stuff, come make the rims of a wheel for a year with us’ It would probably still make my week and I’d do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t say this changes the way I see AAA Games, I did already know thousands of people who love video games are there doing thankless 80 hour weeks. I would say that this adds to my currently growing conception of how games are just hundreds of people making hundreds of small tiny parts that eventually all come together to make the next Call o’ Dooty and those hundreds of people in the AAA industry desperately need better working conditions and pay.


Uncharted 2 Game Design Document

The GDD I found is for the game Uncharted 2, I found it by googling the name of a game and then ‘game design document’ the site the document is on,



According to the document the experience provided by Uncharted 2 Among Theives is, “to bring a high standard of story telling through action packed cut scenes and third person shooting made famous by ‘Tomb Raider’. Advancing on the stellar formula of heart racing action with puzzle elements. Play as Nathan Drake and get sucked into the immersive real world locations revolving around Marco Polo’s work in the 13th century featuring an in depth and involving story that feels like an interactive movie.”


This document is incredibly useful for a big triple A game team of designers, artists, programmers, producers, marketers and managers. Or anyone who wants to gain a more intimate knowledge of the triple A design and production process. It essentially lays down how the entire game will work.


The document is incredibly close to the finished product, I think this is not surprising as it is a sequel to Naughty Dog’s quite successful first game/new IP, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. They are essentially just iterating on the first game, and the first game was just an iteration on the formula established by games like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia. Then Naughty Dog just have to splice in elements from other games they like and polish it to a movie tier cinematic experience. So it has the Prince of Persia climbing, the third person action shooter with puzzle elements from Tomb Raider and the dynamic cover system from the Gears of War games.