LO 17 – Google Drive

Google drive

Our class used Google Drive for our file management/sharing for the most part. For the most part it worked well, I don’t think anyone really ran into any problems with it apart from a slow upload time. Our organization was alright, I could find things most of the time, when there was a master environment folder and a production folder it got a little confusing but not too bad. I wanna recommend some kind of other service that would be better but I really can’t find any, I just went through two articles of file sharing services and anything that remotely sounds better than google drive you have to pay for, or it’s a temporary upload that’s deleted from the service after a certain number of days.
Overall I would say that Google Drive was effective, (if not a bit slow on the big files), next time if we are using Google Drive still, which it seems we will be I think the thing to look at improving on might be organizationally, unless the uni like pays for some file sharing service, but I don’t see why they would because Google Drive exists.



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