Cave In The Sky Project – week 1

This week we were debriefed about the project named Cave In The Sky, by a band based in Byron Bay, our client (the musicians of the album) want us to create animation to place on a projected screen whilst the band perform live that will compliment the music being played, the client does not want the visuals to dominant the audience’s attention.  we were asked to get into groups and all pitch an idea for some animation to be played with the album then after we decided on a pitch to go with we tried to get some ideas from the neglected pitches and bring in some of their elements that the client liked. After this day of gathering our ideas and having a bit of a back and forth between the client we had an idea of what the client wants, and have a bit of a story in progress as well as concepts of having some kind of spirit animals or creatures in abstract night sky environments. Mood boards and general look and feel imagery and documentation have been created and are still being refined and worked on. Steve and Katie sent us all a doc with a list of tasks, we are supposed to put our name down on the one or more we would like to contribute toward by Tuesday. I chose to help create general concept art for the look and feel of the production/storyworld, which Duncan also decided to work on, so far I have done some pencil sketches of some rough ideas I have, I plan to do more before the night ends. Tomorrow, Monday Duncan and I are going to meet up and share some ideas together and then draw some/digital paint some stuff together and hopefully produce some concept art we both agree on that our client enjoys.

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